Post Secondary Students’ Mental Health Challenges

The growing number of post-secondary students who face mental health challenges necessitates new measures to tackle the problem.The 2016 national survey of colleges and universities finds that more students are reporting being in distress than three years ago.Serious mental health crises e.g depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts affect a fifth of Canadian post secondary students. Many students reach … Continue reading Post Secondary Students’ Mental Health Challenges

How Terrorist Attacks Impact the Mental Health of The Community

Considerable research indicates that individuals directly exposed to a traumatic event are at increased risk for PTSD, for other psychiatric disorders, and for somatic symptoms and physical illnesses.It is also found that events  involving intentional violence are more likely to be associated with symptoms of severe psychological distress, including PTSD. Direct exposure to the attacks,the … Continue reading How Terrorist Attacks Impact the Mental Health of The Community

Mental Disorders Affecting Refugees

The most common mental disorders in refugees include posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety.The prevalence and severity of particular mental disorders in refugees are influenced by the experiences of the refugees before, during and after resettlement. Presence of mental health problems before displacement increases the risk of severe mental health problems . Torture or severe violence and … Continue reading Mental Disorders Affecting Refugees

Music and PTSD

Health musicking can be understood as the common core of any use of music experiences to regulate emotional or relational states or to promote well being, be it therapeutic or not, professionally assisted or independent.People use music to enhance their health and well-being independently of a music therapist considering  musicking as a form of self-help technology, … Continue reading Music and PTSD

Brain Injury,Mental Health & Music

New insights from research into music and brain function has dramatically  changed the role of music in therapy in the past 15 years.However, these shifts have not been reflected in public awareness or even among some professionals. Brain-imaging techniques have revealed the brain’s plasticity—its ability to change—and have identified networks that music activates. This knowledge has helped doctors … Continue reading Brain Injury,Mental Health & Music